Encouraging and Equipping the Church

We believe every human being, no matter their condition, contains the capacity for the light and glory of God.

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
(Psalm 139:13-14, ESV)

Choose Joy

Do not grieve, for the the Joy of the Lord is your strength.
(Nehemiah 8:10)

A Heart For The Family

Mephibosheth Ministry

Mephibosheth Ministry takes a family-centered approach in their commitment to uplift and empower local churches to extend their ministry towards families within their communities that are touched by disability. In a world where around 15% of the population experiences a disability, it is disheartening to note that merely 3% of them frequent a church. This deficiency largely arises from the availability of appropriate activities and services for their disabled family members. The Ministry is acutely aware of the need for inclusion and the desire among these families for quality services. We are devoted to addressing these concerns.

It all starts with the family!

Services Provided

In Different Areas

In 1992 Mary Jane Ponten and John Nix founded Mephibosheth Ministry to communicate with others; churches, schools, and community groups; the importance of reaching out to families who have been affected by disabilities and bringing to them the love, care, and compassion of the gospel of Jesus. Find out more about Mary Jane and her journey to share the love, care, compassion, and good news of the gospel of Jesus with members of her community.


Mephibosheth Ministry facilitates seminars, conferences, and events aimed at empowering local churches and fostering connections among families facing similar challenges in their community.


Our international missions has been in over 29 countries since 1998. Currently we are serving in Eastern Europe.


We contribute to the community by offering uniquely designed Bible Studies, specifically tailored to cater to the needs of individuals with cognitive and learning disabilities.

About Us:

Mary Jane's Biography

In 1992, Mary Jane Ponten, a retired widow with cerebral palsy, and John Nix, a father of twin daughters with cerebral palsy, founded Mephibosheth Ministry to communicate to the churches, community groups, and others the importance of reaching out to families affected by disabilities to build a community of love, care, and compassion. 

Mary jane became ill while traveling to Ghana in 202 to celebrate the 16 year anniversary of the school for disabled children Mephibosheth started. Greg and Carol Brown were her choice to take over the ministry. Having worked alongside Mary Jane for over 15 years, Greg and Carol hope to honor what Mary Jane and John Nix began. 

Mephibosheth Ministry provides teaching conferences for your church, inspirational speaking on how the church can better serve those with disabilities to small or large groups

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

at Mephibosheth Ministry

Many churches only offer supervised care without any spiritual growth or learning opportunities, especially once a person with a disability is above the lower grade school levels. We believe those with developmental or cognitive disabilities are capable, through the Holy Spirit, to do so much more than the limited opportunities most churches provide.

At Mephibosheth Ministry, our goal is to help churches, both locally and abroad, develop activities and provide materials that teach the gospel to people of all abilities. Mephibosheth Ministry has partnered with others to develop scripturally based books, bible studies, seminars, conferences, and events to help local churches identify, reach out to,  and encourage local families within their communities.

Mephibosheth Ministry works with churches in the US, especially in Colorado and Colorado Springs area. Encouraging churches to start and maintain disability ministries are often the starting point. Providing respite opportunities for families to get a break speaks volumes and is an easy way to get started. Hosting support groups for family members and caregivers are very well received and much needed. Sharing of experiences, knowledge and resources provides help in the most simple of ways.

Partnering with People

With Disabilities In Your Area

Mephibosheth Ministry is committed to helping the local church of Jesus reach out to families with disabilities in your area. Many of these families feel isolated and alone as they navigate the challenges in their lives. Some have been made to feel unwelcome in church settings in the past or disappointed in the lack of available activities for their family member with developmental or cognitive challenges. 

We work with churches to reach those families, connect them with others who face similar challenges, and show them how much we welcome them as members of our church families. We work with those churches that desire to add a disability ministry to their church and provide the fellowship and spiritual guidance your community needs. We love getting to know individuals and their families who are effected by disabilities.

Partnering with People

With Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities

At Mephibosheth Ministry, we partner with people who have developmental and cognitive disabilities to help them as they grow a meaningful relationship with Christ. We believe God has a purpose for us all, promote learning, and growth for those who are often left behind when it comes to spiritual teachings.

We partner with others in our community to develop scripture-based and bible studies for a variety of developmental levels, and regularly schedule seminars, conferences, and events in our communities to connect families who face similar challenges within our community.

Building a Worship

Experience For Our Members

Mephibosheth Ministry is building a worship experience for Christian family members with developmental or cognitive challenges. We know God has a plan for us all, and we believe we are all capable and longing for a relationship with Christ. This relationship cannot be built without meaningful guidance in worship through music, message, prayer, and small group bible studies.

In most cases, churches only offer services similar to babysitting instead of ministering to those with disabilities. We partner with churches to build programs that teach these members of our community how to pray, how to memorize scripture and why that is important, and how to tell their friends and spread the good news of Jesus as we are all called to do.

Sufficient Grace

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Our International Ministry

In Eastern Europe

Since 1995, staff members and volunteers of Mephibosheth Ministry have traveled to 28 countries partnering with Christian ministries, government agencies, non-government agencies, churches, schools and individuals with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bringing various groups together to begin building networks and sharing resources, Mephibosheth Ministry offers encouragement and training to formulate and implement plans to reach those affected by disabilities and their families. By raising the most vulnerable of a population to a position of worth and value, communities see the long term positive effect this makes. Churches that embrace these families become a refuge of hope and blessing.

In 2003, Mary Jane Ponten started a school for disabled children in Ghana, West Africa. Not long after, the school grew and became independent from Mephibosheth Ministry and operates today serving well over 75 children.

Recently, the team has been going to Romania, working alongside churches, schools, disability centers both private and state run. Lives are being changed and families are given the help and resources needed to improve their conditions. Through training conferences with church groups and local non-government agencies, highlighting the disabled of local communities has begun. Providing discipleship materials in Romanian is ongoing. Also, working with a state run facility in the center of the country, by providing resources and prayer, many lives have been saved and improved living conditions.

Our Local Ministry

In the US

Establishing a thriving disability ministry in local churches has been one of our main callings. The Church should be lavishly serving those effected by disabilities. This is a mandate in scripture, we take very seriously.

Mephibosheth Ministry works with churches in the US, especially in Colorado and Colorado Springs area. Encouraging churches to start and maintain disability ministries are often the starting point. Providing respite opportunities for families to get a break speaks volumes and is an easy way to get started. Hosting support groups for family members and caregivers are very well received and much needed. Sharing of experiences, knowledge and resources provides help in the most simple of ways.

Remember prayer is the foundation for any ministry

Partnering With

The Romanian Church

Since that time, Mary Jane, The Browns, and others returned several times in 2019 and early 2020, hosting disability awareness and training seminars in partnership with local churches across Romania. Covid-19 kept our team out of Romania for 18 months, but our work with the Romanian church continued via ZOOM during the shutdown. Since travel reopened in 2021, Greg Brown has returned to Romania numerous times, meeting with churches, government leaders, and businessmen throughout Romania to continue to grow awareness and support for the disabled community there.  

This seed of hope and connection has taken root in an amazing way in the disabled communities of Romania. Offering them a sense of community, acceptance, and love that had been missing in their lives before. Find out how you can help us continue to grow and nurture these communities.

Creativity is For Everyone

At Sunday School

Create opportunities for your Church Sunday School students to explore music, art, acting out skits or performing.

Always explore ways your group can serve the church through ushering, greeting and teaching others in class.

Read your class, it may or may not be appropriate to encourage a talent show, but if so do it!